Tasha’s Top 5: Shop Local


It’s my favorite holiday of the year!! Happy Thanksgiving, folks!! After we spend the day giving thanks on Thursday, we head to the store to try and snag the best deal. This year, I encourage you to spend your dollars locally, and here are my top five reasons why.

5.Smaller crowds

Every other year, we go to Tulsa for Thanksgiving. We do go Black Friday shopping, and the crowds are like nothing else. Honestly, I’ve never dealt with more rude behavior in my life. It made me miss Nebraska Nice. Our crowds are small not because of lack of support, but rather the smaller population than urban areas. There’s no doubt while shopping locally, you will hear at least five people say, “ope, let me sneak by ya there.”

4.Prices are competitive

A common misconception is that smaller towns equal higher prices. I, too, used to believe that. I challenge you to check out appliance prices at a big box store and then head to Krotter’s Home Center. You will be pleasantly surprised! 

3.Less travel

It’s so wonderful to not have to pull an all nighter to get the deals! Local stores open anywhere from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM. You can honestly roll out of bed and head down with way less travel involved.

2.They support you

Look on the back of your son or daughter’s sport shirt. Look on the fence of the baseball field. What do you see? You see the names of those people who are able to support you as a result of shopping local. They buy peanuts, cookies, and popcorn because they, too, care about the community. Approximately $68 out of every $100 spent at a local business stays in the community according to fundera.com. Keep those dollars in the community and those sponsors on their shirts!

1.You’re supporting your friends and neighbors.

Just like the classic Partyline song, “when you’ve got friends and neighbors, all the world is a happier place.” For example, one local business owner was my softball coach while another is marrying my classmate. By buying local, you are supporting their kids, their activities, and supporting their family. 

Shopping local is an important piece to keeping those buildings on main street filled. Without support from you, those families would not be able to keep afloat. In addition to having specials on Friday, many area businesses are celebrating Small Business Saturday by offering discounts then. Catch y’all Friday shopping locally!