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Electronics Recycling Events Fill Up Fast

The RC&D Electronic Recycling Collection held Tuesday in O’Neill was deemed a success, multiple CRT Tv’s and other electronics were collected. “But we needed more room,” responds RC&D Member and volunteer coordinator for the event, Lynn Sobotka.


We needed some rain and the KBRX area received it Thursday. May 13, 2021.  A storm system moved through the area around 4:00 pm and made it’s way across some parts of the KBRX listening area.  This

Holt County 4-H Speech Contest Held

The Holt County 4-H Speech Contest was held April 25, 2021 at the Annex meeting room in O’Neill. Results of the contest are as follows: SPEECH Clover Kid Division: Receiving Participation Ribbons – Drew Paxton-Stuart and Rachel