Local Volleyball stars set to showcase talent at Northeast Community College

The 20th Annual All-Star Volleyball Classic will be hosted by Northeast Community College this upcoming weekend.

Plenty of local talent will be spotlighted at Northeast Community College in the Cox Activities Center on Saturday, June 10th, at 5 p.m. The game will feature a Light and Dark team with plenty of local talent represented on both teams. For the Dark team there will be familiar players like Jacie Laetsch of Chambers/Wheeler Central, Jordan Mescher, Elizabeth Selting, and Baylee Wemhoff of Elgin Public/Pope John, also Hattie Blumenstock, Taylor Colman, and Logan Connot of O’Neill. Coaching the Dark team will be McKenzie Connot of O’Neill St. Mary’s, and Tina Thiele-Blecher of Elgin Public.

There will also be local talent on display for the Light team like Jaycee Fleming of North Central, and Harlee Fischer of Stuart. Coaching the Light team will be Jessica Templeman of Ponca, and Kathy Gebhardt of Lutheran High Northeast.

Once again, the game will be played Saturday, June 10th at the Cox Activities Center at Northeast Community College. The game will be played at 5 p.m.

KBRX will have a full recap of the game on KBRX.com. For more information you can contact Amanda Schultze at (402)-844-7323