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Columnist George Will leaves GOP because of Trump

Conservative columnist George Will has left the Republican Party, thanks to the impending nomination of Donald Trump.  The writer for the Washington Post confirmed that he had officially changed his voter registration from the GOP to “unaffiliated” because of Trump. George


Top 10 Finisher at Ainsworth Girls Golf Invitational  L-R (1. Gracie Williams, Broken Bow, in a playoff over Nikki Gotschall, O'Neill, 96; 3. Emily Burk, West Holt, 99; 4. Megan Bilstein, West Holt, 100; 5. Sherridan Bancroft, Valentine, 103; 6. Tori Meschke, Broken Bow, 104; 7. Joelle Sanger, Broken Bow, 106; 8. Claire Everitt, O’Neill, 110; 9. Liddy Vinton, Mullen, 111; 10. Tie between Kailey Johnson, Broken Bow, and Brea Hostert, West Holt, 114.
Ainsworth Girls Golf Invitational Results

  Ainsworth Girls Golf Invitational Team Scores Broken Bow, 420; 2. West Holt, 429; 3. Valentine, 471; 4. O’Neill, 478; 5. Plainview, 515. Top 10 Gracie Williams, BB, in a playoff over Nikki Gotschall, O’N, 96; 3.