Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs restrictive new voting law


On Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a controversial new law that Republicans say increases election security; however opponents say it’s just another bill designed to make it harder for millions of voters to participate in the democratic process.

Florida’s Legislature passed the bill last week, and DeSantis signed the bill during a political rally in West Palm Beach. “Florida took action this legislative session to increase transparency and strengthen the security of our elections,” DeSantis said in a statement, adding, “Floridians can rest assured that our state will remain a leader in ballot integrity. Elections should be free and fair and these changes will ensure this continues to be the case in the Sunshine State.”

Under the new law, Florida residents must now produce a driver’s license number, state ID number or part of their Social Security number to receive a mail ballot. It also limits ballot drop boxes to early voting days and hours unless it’s at the supervisor’s office and manned while in use.

Fla. becomes latest state to enact restrictive voting law as DeSantis signs bill on Fox News

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