President Trump Declares ISIS Nearly “Defeated” And Speaks Out On Mueller Report


Ahead of his visit to Ohio, President Trump declared ISIS will be “gone by tonight,” in an announcement he made on the White House South Lawn.

The president held up two maps to the press — one of which he said was from Election Night, and the other representing the current status of the caliphate. The President said, “I brought this out for you because this is a map of everything in the red, this was on election night in 2016. Everything red is ISIS. When I took it over it was a mess. Now, on the bottom, that’s the exact same. There is no red. In fact there’s actually a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight.”

The president also said he looks forward to seeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. “I don’t mind … Let it come out. Let people see it,” the president told reporters.

Trump on Mueller’s report: ‘Let it come out, let people see it’


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