President Trump Says Chief Of Staff General Kelly Will Leave At End Of Year


Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly is leaving the White House as President Trump’s chief of staff, the president told reporters on Saturday. Kelly became chief of staff in July 2017 after initially serving as Trump’s Homeland Security Department secretary. 

The circumstances surrounding Kelly’s departure were not immediately clear. The president made a brief announcement to reporters before leaving for Saturday’s Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia.

Trump said, according to a White House press pool report: “John Kelly will be leaving – I don’t know if I can say ‘retiring. But, he’s a great guy. John Kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. We’ll be announcing who will be taking John’s place. I’ll be announcing that over the next day or two. But, John will be leaving at the end of the year. He’s been with me almost two years now.”

White House chief of staff Kelly to resign in days: CNN


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