Let’s Go On A Teddy Bear Hunt

204 S. Madison, O’Neill
Ewing Bank
MacKinley and her teddy bear!!
1113 Cottonwood Drive-O’Neill
614 E. Clay
K&K Welding 302 S. 10th O’Neill
Bear in O’Neill
Bear spotted at Speedee Mart in Atkinson
510 East Kildare, O’Neill
727 East Clay Street, O’Neill
1510 Center Avenue, O’Neill
4440 South 63rd Street, Omaha
Bellevue, Nebraska
Harlee, Sami and Lily with a Bear Hug for Great Grandma Marie Hansen at Elkhorn Meadows in Atkinson
Sly’s in downtown Neligh
Bear hunt 2020 with Wayne Schacht being his wife’s teddy bear since 1966.
430 Windom street, Orchard, NE
Handlebend Building
Green Plains in Atkinson
Village of Spencer-City Office-100 E. Main
KGRD Radio 128 South 4th Street, O’Neill
608 North Sherrill Street, Atkinson
1409 North 7th Street, O’Neill
Jane & Lawrence Reiman Home in O’Neill
Pump & Pantry in O’Neill
908 Fairway Drive-O’Neill
520 E. Donegal
87747 N. Carberry-Atkinson


49252 883rd Road-O’Neill
111 George Street- Butte
202 W. Hancock-O’Neill
1021 Lawndale-O’Neill
Shane Farms
49343 Sale Barn Road-O’Neill
608 N. 9th-O’Neill
525 E. Fremont-O’Neill
319 S. Madison-O’Neill
321 N. Madison
623 E. Mayo O’Neill
801 Fairway Ave-O’Neill
Bright Horizons 318 E. Douglas
622 Donegal-O’Neill
87192 Tejlor Lane-O’Neill
331 South First
Sam & Barbara Schwager-Orchard
1521 Center Ave O’Neill
Seven Daffodil Boyd Bears in honor of anyone dealing with cancer !
87737 Carberry St – Atkinson
306 West Holt Blvd, O’Neill
405 Redbud Drive, Humphrey, NE
429 East Douglas Street, O’Neill at Pinnacle Bank
525 East Fremont Street, O’Neill
4416 South 63rd Street, Omaha
Lincoln, Nebraska
No Address Given
Tonya Gydesen O’Neill
206 W, 2nd St in Atkinson
Twig Flower & Gift in downtown O’Neill
Holt County Animal Shelter, 500 South Logan St
412 N. 9th St O’Neill
401 E. Fremont O’Neill
412 N. 2nd St. O’Neill
915 E. Fremont
510 West Pearl Street, Atkinson at Elkhorn Meadows
510 West Pearl Street, Atkinson at Elkhorn Meadows
510 West Pearl Street, Atkinson at Elkhorn Meadows
510 West Pearl Street, Atkinson at Elkhorn Meadows
525 East Benton, O’Neill
816 East Londonderry, O’Neill
1014 East State Street, Atkinson
1402 North 7th Street, O’Neill
Sara Stevenson’s Bear Hunters in Burwell
AseraCare Office in O’Neill
KBRX Top Dog Winston with his bear at 251 N. Jefferson
519 St. John Drive
in Atkinson
225 E. 4th Street in Orchard
1003 N. 4th, O’Neill
1105 N. 10th, O’Neill
Little Tots Preschool and Daycare, 619 E. Fremont
1019 N. 4th in O’Neill
405 N. Logan St. in Spencer
920 Donegal Street, O’Neill
106 South Cleveland, O’Neill
North Platte, NE
86060 511 Avenue, Ewing
1203 Sunset Avenue, O’Neill
1109 Sunset Avenue, O’Neill
820 East Londonderry, O’Neill
270 First Street, Inman


Hey hey, a bunny hopped by and stopped at the future new home of Shelter Insurance! He passes along warm wishes to the kids and families out on the bear hunt!!!  1017 East Douglas, here in O’Neill!
1213 North 5th Street, O’Neill
1511 Lawndale Avenue, O’Neill
117 South First Street, O’Neill
1973 Sewell, Lincoln
1973 Sewell, Lincoln
120 North 10th Street, O’Neill
414 North Second Street, O’Neill
She didn’t have a bear but did have a book at 510 East Kildare, O’Neill
1232 Lawndale Avenue, O’Neill
1405 Putter Street, O’Neill
Be “Beary” Safe & Always Buckle Up!!
301 Church Street in O’Neill

804 East Everett Street, O’Neill
47424 877th Rd in Atkinson
210 E. Adams in O’Neill
Torpin’s Rodeo Market
Laura Braun in Atkinson is ready for the Bear Hunt!
407 Highway 45B at Ewing
700 East Tipperary, O’Neill
917 East Adams, O’Neill
201 Cedar Street, O’Neill
1514 Westwood Avenue, O’Neill
104 East Douglas, O’Neill
116 South Hyde, Atkinson
Holt County Courthouse at 204 North 4th Street, O’Neill
1307 Lawndale Avenue, O’Neill
1411 Putter Street, O’Neill
O’Neill Family Eyecare 612 North 4th Street O’Neill
Greetings from Wakefield Insurance & shout out to LaShanna Werth for thinking of the bear hunt! Our Good Neighbear might be a little hard to see in the window, but we’ll leave the light on so you can find him????!
O’Neill Assembly of God Church 204 North 7th Street O’Neill
216 Cedar Street O’Neill
416 North 7th Street O’Neill
505 South Williams in Atkinson
Another one at 506 E Street in Neligh
506 E Street In Neligh
O’Neill Travel Now – 116 West Douglas, O’Neill, NE
The Walmer Farm near Royal along Highway 20
Three & Company Baking 301 North Montana in Clearwater
Santa Bear is back at 107 North 4th in Page
706 E Londonderry in O’Neill at The Kelly’s
These bears will be at 519 East Everett Street in O’Neill
Waving hello at 506 Tipperary in O’Neill
Say Hi to this bear at the corner of 7th & Benton in O’Neill