Steady Rain Falls in KBRX Area, Rainfall Amounts Reported


Most of the day Sunday, November 19 and throughout the night into the morning of Monday, November 20 the KBRX received a slow steady rain.  Here are rainfall reports called in to KBRX Monday morning:

KBRX Studios in O’Neill 0.76
Roger Brink in north Atkinson 1.15″
Jerry Homolka, 10 miles southwest of Chambers 1.15″
Chris Dierks, northeast Wheeler County 0.75″
Tom Sojka, 20 miles northwest of O’Neill 1.30″
Kenneth Klabenes, 1/2 mile northeast of Chambers 1.25″
Rod Stolcpart, 5 miles south of Newport 1.04″
Steve Reiser, Pickstown, South Dakota 0.54″
The Dicke Ranch, 18 miles south of Ewing 0.80″
Grant Graff, downtown Spencer 1.10″
Roger Vech, northwest of Verdigre 0.59″
Jordan Anderson, 4 miles west and 2 miles north of the Stone Windmill 1.00″
The Van Houtens, 1/2 mile north of Anoka 1.40″
Robert Kloppenborg, Marysville, Kansas  0.70″