Boyd County, Summerland, Plainview And Others Compete at C2-3 District Speech Wednesday

The C2-3 District Speech Meet was held Wednesday, March 8, 2023, at Plainview High School.  The Top 3 in each event qualify for the State Meet which will be held Thursday, March 16, 2023, at Kearney High School in Kearney.

C2-3 District Speech at Plainview

Team Results
1st – Plainview 270
2nd – Crofton 212
3rd – Summerland 128
4th – Hartington Cedar Catholic 112
5th – Bloomfield 64
6th – Ainsworth 58
7th  – Burwell 28
7th – Boyd County 28

Duet Acting
1st – Dakota Stutzman and Taylor Allen, Ainsworth
2nd – Elisabeth Wortman and Megan Tramp, Crofton
3rd – Brooklyn Eckert and Brynn Almgren,  Boyd County
4th– Alanna Doll and Julie Olivan, Summerland
5th – Brendan Weber and Lauren Jelinek, Plainview
6th – Black Hochstein and Jake Schroeder, Bloomfield

Entertainment Speaking
1st – Jack Schieffer, Crtofton
2nd – Elizabeth Wortmann, Crofton
3rd – Claire Rasmussen, Plainview
4th – Karter Lingenfelter, Plainview
5th – Brynn Almgren, Boyd County
6th – Carlee Livingston, Summerland

Extemporaneous Speaking
1st – Carter Guenther, Crofton
2nd – Blake Byerly,  Bloomfield
3rd – Katie Neuharth, Crofton
4th – Ben Kleinschmit, Hartington Cedar Catholic
5th – Reagan Choat, Plainview
6th – Cole Bodeman, Ainsworth

Informative Speaking
1st – Faith King, Summerland
2nd – Lauren Jelinek, Plainview
3rd – Paige Norris, Plainview
4th – Madelyn Loecker, Crofton
5th – Sophia Wortmann, Crofton
6th – Ava Stewart, Hartington Cedar Catholic

Oral Interpretation of Drama
1st – Plainview – Brendan Weber, Brett Norris, Jacson King, Karter Lingenfelter and Leighton Medina
2nd – Plainview – Claire Rasmussen, Harrison Thor, JayJay Gaver, Paige Norris and Rece Frahm
3rd – Crofton – Grant Schieffer, Jack Schieffer, Kaylee Mauch, Megan Tramp and Rori Schmidt
4th – Bloomfield – Andrew Hochstein, Blake Byerly, Carry  Martinson, Christina Martinson and Marissa Bruce
5th – Bloomfield – Ava McFarland, Beau Eisenhauer, Kaitlyn Byerly, Sophia Lauck and Tiernee Freeman
6th – Crofton – Cameryn Fiscus, Edison Sudbeck, Jordyn Arens, Quinn Mosher and Sophia Wortmann

Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose
1st – Leighton Medina, Plainview
2nd – Elizabeth Rokusek, Hartington Cedar Catholic
3rd – Brett Norris, Plainview
4th – Grant Schieffer, Crofton
5th – Kaylee Mauch, Crofton
6th – Arleigh Davis, Bloomfield

Oral Interpretation of Poetry
1st – Grace Kleinschmit, Hartington Cedar Catholic
2nd – Elizabeth Rokusek, Hartington Cedar Catholic
3rd – Marque Albin, Plainview
4th – Olga Mendoza, Summerland
5th – Faith King, Summerland
6th – Corben Kment, Plainview

Oral Interpretation of Serious Prose
1st – Grace Kleinschmit, Hartington Cedar Catholic
2nd – Olga Mendoza, Summerland
3rd – Taylor Allen, Ainsworth
4th – Jacson King, Plainview
5th – Dalota Stutzman, Ainsworth
6th – Emma Petersson, Summerland

Persuasive Speaking
1st – Adrienne Parker, Summerland
2nd – Abbie Kromarek, Plainview
3rd – Reagan Choat, Plainview
4th – Jayna Moses, Burwell
5th – Carter Guenther, Crofton
6th – Alexa Suing, Crofton

Program Oral Interpretation
1st – Rori Schmidt, Crofton
2nd – Jordynn Frahm, Plainview
3rd – Marque Albin, Plainview
4th – Ella Vore, Burwell
5th – Madison Kuchta, Hartington Cedar Catholic
6th – Emma Petersson, Summerland