Wakefield Remains At Top Going Into Final Day at Cinch Timed Event Championship

The third round of the Cinch Timed Event Championship was held Friday night (March 3, 2023) at Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma and O’Neill’s Riley Wakefield had another good performance  In the 5-events Wakefield had a total time of 58 5 seconds to finish in 5th place in the round.  The 3rd round was won by Colby Lovell with a time of 51.4 seconds.

Wakefield’s solid first three performances keep him at the top of the leaderboard in the overall standings.  After 3 go-rounds Wakefield’s total time is 180.0 seconds.  Russell Cordoza is in second place with 187.3.  The standings after the first three rounds are below.

The final two rounds are today, Saturday, March 4 at Noon and 7 pm and will be shown at HandleBend Tap in downtown O’Neill.  Everyone is welcome to come down and watch. You can also watch by following this link https://roping.com/categories/Cinch-Timed-Event-Championship

Aggregate After Round Three (on fifteen head)

  1. Riley Wakefield 180.0 seconds
  2. Russell Cardoza 187.3 seconds
  3. Cody Doescher 198.7 seconds
  4. Erich Rogers 208.6 seconds
  5. KC Jones 218.8 seconds
  6. Marcus Theriot 220.3 seconds
  7. Justin Thigpen 221.4 seconds
  8. Nelson Wyatt 225.9 seconds
  9. Colby Lovell 230.2 seconds
  10. Lane Karney 232.8 seconds
  11. Cole Patterson 238.8 seconds
  12. Paul David Tierney 239.6 seconds
  13. Clayton Hass 252.0 seconds
  14. Kyle Lockett 265.8 seconds
  15. Seth Hall 2789 seconds
  16. Jess Tierney 289.4 seconds
  17. Taylor Santos 289.6 seconds
  18. Cody Cabral 301.1 seconds
  19. Kolton Schmidt 343.8 seconds
  20. Roger Nonella 407.6 seconds