NVC Releases 2022 All-Conference Volleyball Teams

O’Neill – The Niobrara Valley Conference has named their first, second, and honorable mention volleyball All-Conference performers!

The Niobrara Valley Conference was once again considered one of the top volleyball conferences in the state this season. The conference saw the Stuart Lady Broncos and St. Mary’s Lady Cardinals finish in the first-round of the Class D2 State Tournament!

Leading the teams in All-Conference players named was EPPJ and conference champion St. Mary’s as they both had three players named to the first team. Summerland and conference runner-up Stuart were not too far behind as they each had 2 players named to the first team all-conference list!

Overall, there were 44 total players that were named to the first, second, or honorable mention All-Conference team.

Below you can find the entire list of NVC All-Conference performers!

First Team
Mya Hedstrom, St. Mary’s
Ashlynne Charf, EPPJ
Brooke Wilcox, Elkhorn Valley
Lorissa Reiman, St. Mary’s
Sydney Estill, Stuart
Adyson Mlnarik, Summerland
Hadley Cheatum, Summerland
Lacey Paxton, Stuart
Alissa Brabec, St. Mary’s
Skyler Meis, EPPJ
Chloe Henn, EPPJ
Josilyn Miller, Niobrara-Verdigre

Second Team
Hope Williamson, St. Mary’s
Maci Nemetz, West Holt
Lydia Robertson, Summerland
Adisyn Anderson, North Central
EmiLee Walnofer, West Holt
J.J. Black, Elkhorn Valley
Amelia Hoffman, Boyd County
Paige Drueke, Boyd County
Lily Hartl, Elkhorn Valley
Lainey Smith, West Holt
Hailey Horstmann, Neligh-Oakdale
Kate Furstenau, EPPJ

Honorable Mention
Lizzie Gartner, CWC
Merinee Vaughn, Elkhorn Valley
Maddie Kolm, EPPJ
Baylee Busteed, EPPJ
Mallory Belitz, Neligh-Oakdale
Brittany Olson, Neligh-Oakdale
Harley Stark, Niobrara-Verdigre
Bree Breithaupt, Niobrara-Verdigre
Ashley Parks, Niobrara-Verdigre
Allie Cosgrove, North Central
Tatelyn Smith, North Central
Joslyn Eby, St. Mary’s
Emma Otte, St. Mary’s
Chiana Tubbs, Stuart
Addie Ketteler, Stuart
Sarah Wallinger, Stuart
Reagan Stracke, Stuart
Preslie Robertson, Summerland
Ella Bolling, Summerland
Addie Karo, West Holt