2021 Class C Nebraska State Wrestling Live Results

O’Neill – Make sure to follow the 2021 Class C Nebraska State Wrestling Tournament on Friday, February 19th and Saturday, February 20th.

KBRX will be posting live results to this page and on our live blog throughout the Class C State Wrestling Tournament.

Below you can find results from the O’Neill Eagles wrestlers!

Class C


106 John Alden

  • First Round John Alden of O’Neill (36-3) vs Trey McCoy of Fort Calhoun (30-6)
  • John Alden (O`Neill) defeated Trey McCoy (Fort Calhoun) by decision, 15-5
  • Quarterfinal John Alden (O`Neill) vs Conner Kohout (Milford)
  • John Alden (O`Neill) defeated Conner Kohout (Milford) by decision, 7-6
  • Semi-Final John Alden (O’Neill) vs Drew Garfield (Central City)
  • Drew Garfield (Central City) defeated John Alden (O`Neill) by fall, 4:42
  • Consolation Semi-Final John Alden (O’Neill) vs Robbie Fisher (Crofton-Bloomfield)
  • John Alden (O`Neill) defeated Robbie Fisher (Crofton-Bloomfield) by decision, 6-5
  • 3rd Place Match John Alden (O`Neill) defeated Pedro Hernandez (Wilber-Clatonia) by Major Decision, 16-6

120 Joseph Yates

  • First Round Joseph Yates of O’Neill (26-10) vs Kaleb Baker of St. Paul (35-13)
  • Kaleb Baker (St Paul) defeated Joseph Yates (O`Neill) by Major Decision, 14-5
  • Consolation Quarterfinal Joseph Yates (O’Neill) vs Braden Ruffner (Conestoga)
  • Braden Ruffner (Conestoga) defeated Joseph Yates (O`Neill) by decision, 9-2

132 Ty Rainforth

  • First Round Ty Rainforth of O’Neill (38-1) vs Kerby Hochstein of Hartington CC (33-14)
  • Ty Rainforth (O`Neill) defeated Kerby Hochstein (Hartington Cedar Catholic) by fall 2:50
  • Quarterfinal Noah Scott (Aquinas Catholic) vs Ty Rainforth (O`Neill)
  • Ty Rainforth (O`Neill) defeated Noah Scott (Aquinas Catholic) by decision, 7-0
  • Semi-Final Ty Rainforth (O’Neill) vs Cameron Williams (Conestoga)
  • Ty Rainforth (O`Neill) defeated Cameron Williams (Conestoga) by fall, 2:28
  • State Final Ty Rainforth (O’Neill) vs Quentyn Frank (Amherst)
  • State Final Ty Rainforth (O`Neill) defeated Quentyn Frank (Amherst) by fall, 3:43

145 Brady Thompson

  • First Round Brady Thompson of O’Neill (41-1) vs Tyson Sauser of Crofton-Bloomfield (31-13)
  • Brady Thompson (O`Neill) defeated Tyson Sauser (Crofton-Bloomfield) by fall, 2:37
  • Quarterfinal Brady Thomson (O’Neil) vs Hunter McNulty (Logan View)
  • Brady Thompson (O`Neill) defeated Hunter McNulty (Logan View) by fall, 3:32
  • Semi-Final Brady Thompson (O’Neill) vs Hunter Gilmore (Arlington)
  • Brady Thompson (O`Neill) defeated Hunter Gilmore (Arlington) by decision, 2-1
  • State Final Brady Thompson (O’Neill) vs Christopher Nickolite (Aquinas Catholic)
  • State Final Christopher Nickolite (Aquinas Catholic) defeated Brady Thompson (O`Neill) by decision, 4-3

152 Levi Drueke

  • First Round Levi Drueke of O’Neill (31-14) vs Cameron Graham of Cross County/Osceola (44-3)
  • Cameron Graham (Cross County/Osceola) defeated Levi Drueke (O`Neill) by decision, 6-1
  • Consolation Quarterfinal Levi Drueke (O’Neill) vs Tie Hollandsworth (Quad County Northeast)
  • Levi Drueke (O`Neill) defeated Tie Hollandsworth (Quad County Northeast) by decision, 8-5
  • Consolation Match Levi Drueke (O’Neill) vs Trevor Widener (Bridgeport)
  • Trevor Widener (Bridgeport) defeated Levi Drueke (O`Neill) by decision, 8-5

170 Servando Gonzalez

  • First Round Servando Gonzalez of O’Neill (33-11) vs Hank Hudson of Boone Central (9-14)
  • Servando Gonzalez (O`Neill) defeated Hank Hudson (Boone Central) by fall, 3:41
  • Quarterfinal Servando Gonzalez (O`Neill) vs Christopher Scdoris (Milford)
  • Servando Gonzalez (O`Neill) defeated Christopher Scdoris (Milford) by decision, 11-7
  • Semi-Final Servando Gonzalez (O’Neill) vs Josh Miller (Arlington)
  • Josh Miller (Arlington) defeated Servando Gonzalez (O`Neill) by decision, 4-0
  • Consolation Semi-Final Servando Gonzalez (O’Neill) vs Jaxson Jones (Twin River)
  • Jaxson Jones (Twin River) defeated Servando Gonzalez (O`Neill) by decision, 1-0
  • 5th Place Match Servando Gonzalez (O’Neill) vs Josh Jessen (Yutan)
  • 5th Place Match Servando Gonzalez (O`Neill) defeated Josh Jessen (Yutan) by decision, 3-0

195 Salvador Rodriguez

  • First Round Salvador Rodriguez of O’Neill (29-13) vs Hunter Oborny of Milford (39-10)
  • Hunter Oborny (Milford) defeated Salvador Rodriguez (O`Neill) by fall, 2:36
  • Consolation Quarterfinal Salvador Rodriguez (O’Neill) vs Tanner Mrkvicka (St Paul)
  • Salvador Rodriguez (O`Neill) defeated Tanner Mrkvicka (St Paul) by decision, 8-3
  • Consolation Second Round Salvador Rodriguez (O’Neill) vs Eli English (Wood River)
  • Eli English (Wood River) defeated Salvador Rodriguez (O`Neill) by decision, 4-3