NPPD Facebook Post Regarding Rolling Blackouts

The information below was posted on NPPD’s Facebook Page on Monday, February 15, 2021
UPDATE TO TODAY’S EVENT: NPPD is a member of the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), which is a regional transmission organization that ensures reliable supplies of electricity across its 14-state footprint.

SPP’s service area unexpectedly lost some generating units earlier today, which caused them to declare an energy emergency. SPP directed power utilities in 14 states to share in an effort to shed load (interrupt service to customers) due to lack of electricity to meet demand because of the cold temperatures.

NPPD’s first priority is to keep the electricity flowing for our customers and ensure the integrity and reliability of the region’s electric grid. We coordinated rolling, 30-minute outages impacting a few communities to keep the event from cascading and affecting more communities and customers. Our operators plan and prepare for events like this. However, we get very little notice. We take immediate action to keep the lights and furnaces on for as many Nebraskans as we can.

What we can tell you is this. Things are OK now. But as temps drop later tonight and as people start their day in the morning, there is still the potential for service interruptions. You can help your family, friends, and neighbors by conserving electricity these next few days and staying prepared. And if power is interrupted, trust we will get power restored as quickly as possible for YOU, our friends, families, and neighbors.

Stay warm. Stay safe. And thanks for your patience.