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Area student graduates from Northeast Community College in December

206 students, including five earning double majors, completed their studies in December from Northeast Community College. The names of the students will be listed in the program in the College’s commencement ceremony in May.
Area graduation candidates are listed below by state and hometown.  Key to abbreviations:  AAS-Associate of Applied Science; AA-Associate of Arts; AS-Associate of Science, and ADN-Associate Degree Nursing.
City                                       Name                            Degree                        Major
Atkinson                                 Jessie Poessnecker       AAS                            Agriculture
Bartlett                                   Jamie Havel                   AAS                            Administrative Assistant
Chambers                              Tyler Klabenes               AA
Clearwater                             Kasey Hoffman              AAS                            Agriculture-Agronomy
                                               Kasey Hoffman             AAS                            Agriculture-Diversified Agriculture
Creighton                               Whitney Zimmerer         AA      
                                               Angie Johnson              AAS                            Business
Ewing                                     Stephanie Fischer         AA      
Neligh                                    Craig Werner                 AAS                            Building Construction
                                               Amy Willers                 AAS                            Administrative Assistant
Niobrara                                 Marissa Stark               AA
                                              Chelsey Thomson          AA
O'Neill                                    Kelsey Dugan               AA      
                                               Megan Owens              AA      
                                               Abbie Vogt                 AS       
Orchard                                  Olivia Wondercheck   Diploma                      Administrative Assistant-Medical
Petersburg                              Kelli Larson                AA
                                                Tyson Lodge               AS
                                               Kelly Reigle                AAS                            Graphic Design
Plainview                                Bryce Hightree            AA
                                                Jennifer Risinger         AAS                            Accounting
Royal                                      Cheri Brandt               AA
Stuart                                     Dakota Murphy           AS
Tilden                                     Tyler Hart                    AA      
Verdigre                                 Kayla Grim                  AS       
                                                Stephanie Reynolds    AAS                            Administrative Assistant


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