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Lost and Found


A female cat named Coco.  Last seen in the 1st and John Street area a block north of the cemetery.  She has Siamese markings and bright white front toes.  She got out of the house on Monday morning and hasn't been seen since.  If you have her or have seen her please call Joyce at 402-340-9220.  We love her and want her back home.


A Red Poodle, goes by Punkin.  Very friendly, will come when called.  If found please call 402-340-4160.  Has tags, but ID tag has old address and phone number.  You can also take him to the Atkinson Vet Clinic, they know who he is.  Please let us know if you have found him, we can pick him up, he is a very special part of our family.


A male Beagle with no collar, no tags and no chip, dropped off at the Atkinson Vet Clinic.  If this is your dog please call 402-925-5110
Call KBRX at (402) 336-1612