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2013 - 2014 High School Sports Schedule

Abbreviations: Here is the key for schools that can go by abbreviations:
O/C: Clearwater/Orchard
N/V: Niobrara/Verdigre
N-O: Neligh-Oakdale
EPPJ: Elgin Public/Pope John
CWC: Chambers/Wheeler Central

Some of the new co-ops this year that area teams will see are:
Central Valley Cougars: Greeley (JH/HS)/Wolbach/North Loup/Scotia (Elem.)
Riverside Chargers: Spalding (all 6-8, K-5)/Cedar Rapids (HS, K-5)
Hartington/Newcastle Wildcats: school remains in Hartington


Saturday, November 29

Jamboree Games (Exhibition with proceeds to the NE HS HOF)
Riverside at Ord

Monday, December 1

Jamboree Games (Exhibition with proceeds to the NE HS HOF)
North Central at Ainsworth
Creighton at CWC (Bartlett)
Clearwater-Orchard at O’Neill

Tuesday, December 2

Jamboree Games (Exhibition with proceeds to the NE HS HOF)
High Plains at Osmond

Winter Sports Season

First Day of Winter Sports is Thursday, Dec. 4th

The Basketball and Wrestling schedules will be updated as time goes on. The rest of the winter schedule and other details, such as where games are being played at in the case of co-op schools, will be added.


Thursday, December 4

Fullerton @ Burwell
Palmer @ Central Valley
Neligh-Oakdale @ Ewing
Crofton @ Hartington CC - Girls
Spalding Academy @ Heartland Lutheran
Stuart @ Niobrara/Verdigre
Boyd County @ North Central
Valentine @ O’Neill
Howells-Dodge @ Pierce
Clearwater/Orchard @ St. Mary’s
Santee @ Walthill
Plainview @ Winside
Bloomfield @ Wynot

Creighton @ Battle Creek
Sargent/Burwell/Loup County @ West Holt
Ansley-Litchfield @ Neligh-Oakdale
Pierce @ Crofton/Bloomfield
David City Aquinas @ Boone Central/NG
Hartington CC @ Scribner-Snyder
Ord @ Gibbon

Friday, December 5

Ord @ Ainsworth
Wayne @ Battle Creek
CWC @ Clearwater/Orchard
Laurel-Concord-Coleridge @ Crofton
Niobrara/Verdigre @ EPPJ
Neligh-Oakdale @ Elkhorn Valley
Boone Central/NG @ Hartington CC
Riverside @ Madison
Burwell @ North Central
Randolph @ Osmond
Wausa @ Plainview
Omaha Nation @ Santee
Ewing @ Spalding Academy
Creighton @ West Holt

Ravenna Invite
Central Valley, Sargent/Burwell/Loup County, Riverside


Saturday, December 6

Elkhorn Valley @ Battle Creek
Columbus Lakeview @ Boone Central/NG
Homer @ Hartington CC - Boys
Central City @ Ord
Hartington-Newcastle @ St. Mary’s
Central Valley @ Stuart
Sandhills/Thedford @ Twin Loup
West Holt @ Valentine
Boyd County @ Wausa

O’Neill Invite
O’Neill, St. Mary’s, West Holt, Boone Central/NG, Ainsworth, Pierce, Guardian Angels CC, Valentine, Wisner-Pilger
Creighton Invite
Creighton, Niobrara/Verdigre, Neligh-Oakdale, Elkhorn Valley, Crofton/Bloomfield, Osmond, Hartington CC, Battle Creek, Pierce
Howells-Dodge Invite @ Howells
Clearwater/Orchard, EPPJ
Broken Bow Invite
Bronco Invite @ Mullen
North Central


Monday, December 8

Wakefield @ Osmond

Tuesday, December 9

Hartington CC @ Bloomfield
Crofton @ Boone Central/NG - Girls
Ewing @ CWC
Boyd County @ Clearwater/Orchard - Girls
Neligh-Oakdale @ EPPJ
Madison @ Elkhorn Valley
Pierce @ Norfolk Catholic - Girls
Central Valley @ Riverside - Girls
Stuart @ Spalding Academy
Niobrara/Verdigre @ St. Mary’s
Creighton @ Wausa

GI Northwest @ Boone Central/NG
Broken Bow @ Ord

Thursday, December 11

Ewing @ Allen
Crofton @ Boyd County
Boone Central/NG @ Central City
Fullerton @ Central Valley
CWC @ North Central
Ravenna @ Ord - Girls
Humphrey St. Francis @ Riverside

Creighton @ Boone Central/NG
Madison @ Plainview
Battle Creek @ Pierce
Bon Homme, SD @ Crofton/Bloomfield

Friday, December 12

Winside @ Bloomfield
Pierce @ Boone Central/NG
Santee @ Elkhorn Valley
O’Neill @ Hartington CC
Ord @ Kearney Catholic
Battle Creek @ Madison
Creighton @ Neligh-Oakdale
Clearwater/Orchard @ Niobrara/Verdigre
EPPJ @ Plainview
Burwell @ Ravenna
Spalding Academy @ St. Mary’s
Twin Loup @ Stuart
Wakefield @ Wausa
Ainsworth @ West Holt
Osmond @ Wynot

Wood River Invite
Sargent Invite
Sargent/Burwell/Loup County, St. Mary’s, North Central, Ainsworth
Nebraska Duals @ Central Comm. College (Columbus)


Saturday, December 13

Gordon-Rushville @ Ainsworth
Central Valley @ Arcadia-Loup City
Ord @ Broken Bow - Boys
West Holt @ Burwell
Stuart @ Cody-Kilgore
Guardian Angels CC @ Crofton
CWC @ Elkhorn Valley
Santee @ Marty Indian, SD
Bloomfield @ Niobrara/Verdigre
Battle Creek @ Norfolk Catholic - Boys
Madison @ O’Neill
Plainview @ Osmond
EPPJ @ Riverside
North Central @ Sandhills/Thedford

HS Dual at Devaney (Lincoln)
O’Neill vs. Amherst
Stanton Invite
West Holt, O/C, EPPJ, Plainview, Osmond, Hartington CC, Battle Creek
NBC Club Wrestling Invite (North Bend)
Westerner Invite @ Akron, Iowa
Nebraska Duals @ Central Comm. College (Columbus)
West Point-Beemer Invite
Crofton/Bloomfield, Pierce
Anselmo-Merna Invite
North Central
Osceola Invite
Central Valley, Riverside


Monday, December 15


Santee @ Crazy Horse, SD
Norfolk Catholic @ Hartington CC - Girls

Tuesday, December 16

Twin Loup @ Ansley-Litchfield
Twin River @ Boone Central/NG
West Holt @ CWC
Stuart @ Clearwater/Orchard
Osmond @ Creighton
Elkhorn Valley @ EPPJ
Niobrara/Verdigre @ Ewing
Riverside @ Fullerton
Wausa @ Gayville-Volin, SD
Plainview @ Madison
St. Mary’s @ Neligh-Oakdale
Pierce @ O’Neill
Spalding Academy @ Palmer
North Central @ South Central, SD
Ainsworth @ Valentine

Thursday, December 18

Hartington CC @ Avon, SD
Randolph @ Bloomfield
Riverside @ CWC
Clearwater/Orchard @ Humphrey St. Francis

Wayne @ Creighton
Boone Central/NG @ York
Battle Creek @ Madison

Friday, December 19

Broken Bow @ Ainsworth
Norfolk Catholic @ Boone Central/NG - Boys
Ewing @ Boyd County
Spalding Academy @ Central Valley
Crofton @ Creighton
Bloomfield @ Neligh-Oakdale
St. Mary’s @ North Central
@ Boyd County: Ewing VS Boyd County
Battle Creek @ O’Neill - Girls
Adams Central @ Ord
Columbus Scotus @ Pierce
Laurel-Concord-Coleridge @ Plainview
Burwell @ St. Edward
Twin Loup @ Stapleton
Elkhorn Valley @ Stuart
Wynot @ Wausa

Valentine Invite
O’Neill, Ainsworth, Ord
Flatwater Fracas @ Heartland Events Center, GI
Battle Creek


Saturday, December 20

Ord @ Centura
Boyd County @ EPPJ
Plainview @ Elkhorn Valley
Riverside @ Giltner
Wausa @ Niobrara/Verdigre
Wayne @ O’Neill
CWC @ Sandhills/Thedford
South Central, SD @ Stuart
Burwell @ Twin Loup
Battle Creek @ West Holt

Elgin Public/Pope John Invite (PJ)
EPPJ, St. Mary’s, West Holt, O/C, Elkhorn Valley, Plainview, North Central, Central Valley, Riverside, Hartington CC
Osmond Invite
Osmond, Niobrara/Verdigre, Creighton, Crofton/Bloomfield, Pierce
Valentine Invite
O’Neill, Ainsworth, Ord
South Sioux City Invite
Kearney Catholic Invite
Sargent/Burwell/Loup County
Boone Central Dual Tournament
Boone Central/NG
Flatwater Fracas @ Heartland Events Center, GI
Battle Creek


Monday, December 22

Central City Holiday Tournament: Ord vs Cross County
Creighton @ EPPJ
Crofton @ Hartington-Newcastle

Wednesday, December 24 - Sunday, December 28

Five Day Competition/Practice Moratorium

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