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Water Shut Off in O’Neill

There will be a water shut off starting at approximately 1:00 pm and continue until the work is completed.  The affected area will be on 2nd Street to Douglas Street to Benton Street and Clay Street from

Brooke Bauer Awarded P.E.O. Loan

P.E.O. Chapter GT is pleased to announce that Brooke Bauer has been awarded an $18,000 loan from the P.E.O. Educational Loan Fund, or ELF. Brook graduated from O’Neill St. Mary’s in 2014 and is currently a student

Summerland School Bond Issue Passes

The votes were cast and the unofficial results show the Summerland School Bond Issue passed. Here are results by town. Ewing FOR 360 AGAINST 30, Clearwater FOR 332 AGAINST 103, Orchard FOR 289 AGAINST 230.  The total

Tasha’s Top 5: Deer Hunting Prep

I, like many youths in northcentral Nebraska, grew up on the buttcrack of dawn wearing blaze orange, all the warm layers I own, and camo. Unfortunately, maybe fortunately, my deer hunting career ended early with a cactus