Card Showers


Marni Froelich
5111 N 165th Street
Omaha NE 68116
(50th Birthday December 16th)

Bill Scheinost
Atkinson Good Samaritan Center
409 E Neely Street
Atkinson NE 68713
(95th Birthday December 22nd)

Gloria Montgomery
85905 510th Ave
Ewing NE 68735
The Evergreen Assisted Living
1600 N Harrison Street
O’Neill NE 68763
(89th Birthday December 5th)

JoAnn Mitchell
47746 899th Road
Atkinson NE 68713
(80th Birthday November 26th)

Wedding Anniversary Card Showers

Keith & LaJean Hipke
89429 472nd Ave
Stuart NE 68780
(40th Anniversary November 11th)

Chuck & Wilma Tasler
46743 869th Road
Atkinson NE 68713
(65th Wedding Anniversary)

Thinking of You/Get Well Card Showers

Doris Filips
49764 887th Road
O’Neill NE 68763
(recovering from hip surgery)

Gaylene Mitchell
87552 477th Ave
Atkinson NE 68713
(recovering from surgery)

Theresa Nielsen
Country Lane Retirement Village
Room 106
1203 E Hynes Ave
O’Neill NE 68763