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2013 - 2014 High School Sports Schedule

Abbreviations: Here is the key for schools that can go by abbreviations:
O/C: Clearwater/Orchard
N/V: Niobrara/Verdigre
N-O: Neligh-Oakdale
EPPJ: Elgin Public/Pope John
CWC: Chambers/Wheeler Central

Some of the new co-ops this year that area teams will see are:
Central Valley Cougars: Greeley (JH/HS)/Wolbach/North Loup/Scotia (Elem.)
Riverside Chargers: Spalding (all 6-8, K-5)/Cedar Rapids (HS, K-5)


Thursday, August 21

Girls Golf
O’Neill Invite: O’Neill, West Holt, Plainview, Ainsworth, Valentine, Pierce, Hartington Cedar Catholic, Crofton, Battle Creek, Norfolk Catholic
West Point Invite: Elkhorn Valley

Saturday, August 23

O'Neill @ York Invitational

HS Rodeo
Bloomfield Rodeo

Sunday, August 24

HS Rodeo
O'Neill Rodeo @ Carney Park

Tuesday, August 26

Girls Golf
West Holt Preseason Scramble: West Holt, O’Neill, Ainsworth, Valentine

O'Neill @ Wayne JV/V

Thursday, August 28

St. Mary’s @ Allen

Girls Golf
Ainsworth Invite: Ainsworth, O’Neill, West Holt, Plainview
Boone Central @ Fullerton

Friday, August 29

Valentine @ Ainsworth
Hartington CC @ Aquinas Catholic
Norfolk Catholic @ Arlington
Columbus Scotus @ Boone Central/NG
West Holt @ Laurel-Concord/Coleridge (Laurel)
Homer @ Crofton
Humphrey/Lindsay HF @ EPPJ
Ord @ Kearney Catholic
Creighton @ Niobrara/Verdigre (Niobrara)
Pierce @ North Bend Central
Wayne @ O’Neill
Wausa @ Plainview
Lutheran High NE @ Ponca
Battle Creek @ Stanton

Girls Golf
Wayne Invite: Elkhorn Valley

Saturday, August 30

O'Neill @ Wisner-Pilger Tournament (all times are approximate)
12:30 - O'Neill vs. David City
2:15 -O'Neill vs. Wisner-Pilger
5:45 - O'Neill vs. Highway 91 (Leigh)

HS Rodeo
Nuckolls County Rodeo @ Nelson

Sunday, August 31

HS Rodeo
Nuckolls County Rodeo @ Nelson

Monday, September 1

HS Rodeo
State Fair Rodeo @ Thompson Arena, Grand Island

Tuesday, September 2

O'Neill @ Wisner-Pilger JV/V

Thursday, September 4

Niobrara/Verdigre @ Bloomfield

Cross Country
Ainsworth Invite: Ainsworth, West Holt, North Central, Burwell, Ord
Wisner-Pilger Invite: Elkhorn Valley, Bloomfield

Girls Golf
West Holt Invite: West Holt, O’Neill, Elkhorn Valley, Ainsworth, Boone Central, Burwell, Crofton, Pierce, Battle Creek, Hartington CC, Hartington, Valentine

Pierce @ O'Neill JV/V

Friday, September 5

Centura @ Ainsworth
Oakland-Craig @ Battle Creek
Stuart @ Boyd County (Spencer)
North Central @ Burwell
Elkhorn Valley @ CWC (Bartlett)
Ord @ Central City
Boone Central/NG @ Columbus Lakeview
EPPJ @ Creighton
Ponca @ Crofton
Hartington @ Emerson-Hubbard
Wayne @ Fort Calhoun
Laurel-Concord/Coleridge @ Hartington CC
Twin Loup @ Hemingford
O’Neill @ Madison
Riverside @ Minatare
Central Valley @ Nebraska Lutheran
Fullerton @ Neligh-Oakdale
Wahoo @ Norfolk Catholic
Winside @ Osmond
Arlington @ Pierce
Wilcox-Hildreth @ Santee
Spalding Academy @ Silver Lake
Clearwater/Orchard @ St. Mary’s
Arcadia-Loup City @ West Holt
Lutheran High NE @ Wisner-Pilger

Cross Country
Boone Central Invite: Boone Central/NG, O’Neill
Ainsworth Invite: Ainsworth, Boyd County

Girls Golf
Norfolk Catholic @ Plainview JV/V

Saturday, September 6

Pender @ Plainview

Monday, September 8

Cross Country
Niobrara/Verdigre Invite (Niobrara): Niobrara/Verdigre, CWC, Neligh-Oakdale, Plainview, Wausa

Tuesday, September 9

Girls Golf
West Holt Triangular: West Holt, O’Neill, Ainsworth
Battle Creek Invite: Elkhorn Valley
Stanton @ Plainview JV/V

O'Neill Triangular: O'Neill, Madison/Hum-LHF, Boone Central/NG

Thursday, September 11

Burwell @ Neligh-Oakdale

Cross Country
Boyd Co. Invite @ Butte Golf Course: Boyd County, West Holt, Niobrara/Verdigre, Stuart, North Central
Hartington Invite: Creighton, Plainview, Bloomfield, Wausa
Loup City Invite @ Sherman Lake: CWC
Centura Invite: Burwell

Girls Golf
O’Neill @ Pierce
Broken Bow Invite: Ainsworth
Columbus Invite (Quail Run): Elkhorn Valley
Columbus Lakeview Invitational: Boone Central

Norfolk @ O'Neill JV/V

Friday, September 12

Norfolk Cathollic @ Bishop Neumann
CWC @ Boyd County (Butte)
Crofton @ Laurel-Concord/Coleridge (Laurel)
West Holt @ Centura
Twin Loup @ Elm Creek
Central Valley @ Fullerton
Niobrara/Verdigre @ Hartington
Bloomfield @ Howells-Dodge (Howells)
Clearwater/Orchard @ Humphrey/Lindsay HF
Santee @ Maywood
Boone Central/NG @ North Bend Central
Plainview @ North Central (Bassett)
Pierce @ O’Neill
St. Paul @ Ord
Lyons-Decatur NE @ Osmond
Creighton @ Pender
Hartington CC @ Ponca
Ainsworth @ Ravenna
Hyannis @ Spalding Academy
Arthur County @ Riverside (Spalding)
Elkhorn Valley @ Stuart
Allen @ Wausa
Arlington @ Wayne
St. Mary’s @ Winside
Battle Creek @ Wisner-Pilger

Cross Country
Norfolk Catholic Invite: O’Neill, Elkhorn Valley, Boone Central/NG

Saturday, September 13

Aquinas Catholic @ Lutheran High NE

Cross Country
Broken Bow Invite: Ainsworth, Ord

Girls Golf
Pierce Invite: Pierce, O’Neill, West Holt, Elkhorn Valley, Plainview, Boone Central

West Point-Beemer Triangular: O'Neill, WPB, Douglas County West/Concordia

HS Rodeo
Seven Valleys Rodeo @ Callaway

Sunday, September 14

HS Rodeo
Lincoln County Rodeo @ Buffalo Bill Arena, North Platte

Monday, September 15

Cross Country
Neligh-Oakdale Invite: Neligh-Oakdale, Creighton, Boyd County, Stuart, Niobrara/Verdigre, Elkhorn Valley, North Central

Girls Golf
Battle Creek Invite: Battle Creek, O’Neill, Plainview

Tuesday, September 16

Girls Golf
Ainsworth @ Mullen
Elkhorn Valley @ Battle Creek
Boone Central @ Quail Run Triangular (Scotus/Lakeview)

O'Neill @ Wisner-Pilger JV/V

Thursday, September 18

Burwell @ Clearwater/Orchard
David City @ Norfolk Catholic

Cross Country
Ravenna Invite: Burwell
Central City Invite: Ord
Columbus Scotus Invite: Boone Central

O'Neill @ Highway 91 (Leigh) JV/V

Friday, September 19

Ainsworth @ Arcadia-Loup City (Arcadia)
Osmond @ Bancroft-Rosalie
Wauneta-Palisade @ Banner County
Ponca @ Battle Creek
Grand Island CC @ Boone Central/NG
O’Neill @ Central City
Pierce @ Columbus Scotus
Hartington @ EPPJ
Winside @ Elkhorn Valley
Boyd County @ Central Valley (Wolbach)
Homer @ Hartington CC
CWC @ Humphrey St. Francis
Riverside @ Hyannis
Cedar County @ Lutheran High NE
Ord @ Minden
Crofton @ Oakland-Craig
Stuart @ Sandhills/Thedford (Dunning)
Santee @ Silver Lake
Cody-Kilgore @ Spalding Academy
North Central @ Twin Loup (Taylor)
Neligh-Oakdale @ Wakefield
Wynot @ Wausa
Columbus Lakeview @ Wayne
Twin River @ West Holt

Cross Country
O’Neill Invite: O’Neill, Boyd County, Stuart, CWC, Niobrara/Verdigre, Neligh-Oakdale, Plainview, Elkhorn Valley, Ainsworth, Bloomfield, Crofton, Pierce, Valentine

Saturday, September 20

Pender @ Bloomfield

Girls Golf
Plainview Invite: Plainview, O’Neill, West Holt, Elkhorn Valley
Boone Central Invite: Boone Central, O’Neill

HS Rodeo
Broken Bow Rodeo @ Custer County Fairgrounds, Broken Bow

Sunday, September 21

HS Rodeo
Broken Bow Rodeo @ Custer County Fairgrounds, Broken Bow
*note: this is the last HS rodeo of the fall season*

Monday, September 22

Cross Country
Bon Homme (SD) Invite: Stuart, Creighton, North Central

Girls Golf
Elkhorn Valley @ Pierce
Plainview Triangular JV/V: Plainview, Crofton, Hartington CC

Tuesday, September 23

Girls Golf
West Holt Triangular: West Holt, Ainsworth, Valentine
Fullerton Invite: Boone Central

Guardian Angels CC @ O'Neill JV/V

Thursday, September 25

Neligh-Oakdale @ North Central (Keya Paha)
Osmond @ St. Mary’s

Cross Country
Creighton Invite: Creighton, Boyd County, Niobrara/Verdigre, CWC

Girls Golf
Wayne Invite: Wayne, O’Neill, Elkhorn Valley, Plainview, Boone Central
Valentine Invite: Ainsworth, West Holt

Friday, September 26

Lutheran High NE @ Ainsworth
Twin Loup @ Ansley-Litchfield (Ansley)
South Loup @ Burwell
Randolph @ CWC (Chambers)
EPPJ @ Clearwater/Orchard
Bloomfield @ Creighton
Battle Creek @ Crofton
Plainview @ Guardian Angels CC (Beemer)
West Holt @ Hartington CC
Wakefield @ Hartington
Elkhorn Valley @ Heartland Lutheran
Boyd County @ Niobrara/Verdigre (Verdigre)
Madison @ Norfolk Catholic
Broken Bow @ O’Neill
Wayne @ Pierce
Deshler @ Santee
St. Edward @ Riverside (Cedar Rapids)
Wausa @ Stuart
Ord @ Valentine
Spalding Academy @ Walthill
Boone Central/NG @ West Point-Beemer

Cross Country
Boone Central Invite: Boone Central/NG, O’Neill, Neligh-Oakdale, Elkhorn Valley
Ord Invite: Ord, West Holt, Ainsworth, Burwell
Crofton Invite: Crofton, Plainview, Bloomfield, Wausa

Saturday, September 27

Amherst @ Central Valley (Wolbach)

Girls Golf
Elkhorn Valley Quad @ Neligh JV/V: Elkhorn Valley, West Holt, Plainview, Crofton

O'Neill @ Central City Invitational

Monday, September 29

Cross Country
UNK Invite @ Kearney CC: O’Neill, CWC, North Central, Burwell

Girls Golf
O’Neill JV Invite: O’Neill, West Holt, Elkhorn Valley, Plainview, Ainsworth, Valentine, Pierce, Hartington Cedar Catholic, Crofton, Battle Creek, Norfolk Catholic

Tuesday, September 30

Girls Golf
Mid-State Conference Golf @ Hartington

South Sioux City @ O'Neill JV/V

Wednesday, October 1

Girls Golf
West Holt @ Centura Invite
Boone Central @ Scotus Invitational

Thursday, October 2

Clearwater/Orchard @ Boyd County (Butte)
CWC @ Stuart

Cross Country
Stanton Invite: Plainview
York Invite: Boone Central/NG

Girls Golf
O’Neill @ Plainview JV/V
West Holt Triangular: West Holt, Elkhorn Valley, Plainview
Ainsworth @ Southwest Conference Tournament (Broken Bow)

Friday, October 3

Hartington CC @ Battle Creek
Pierce @ Boone Central/NG
Ansley Litchfield @ Burwell
Riverside @ Deshler
North Central @ EPPJ
Palmer @ Elkhorn Valley
Crofton @ Lutheran High NE
Niobrara/Verdigre @ Neligh-Oakdale
Valentine @ O’Neill
Cozad @ Ord
Wausa @ Osmond
Creighton @ Plainview
St. Mary’s @ Randolph
Santee @ Spalding Academy
Central Valley @ Twin Loup (Taylor)
Madison @ Wayne
Ainsworth @ West Holt

Cross Country
West Holt Invite: West Holt, O’Neill, CWC, Creighton, Niobrara/Verdigre, Stuart, Boyd County, North Central, Neligh-Oakdale, Elkhorn Valley, Bloomfield, Ainsworth, Twin Loup, Sandhills/Thedford, Ord

Saturday, October 4

Wakefield @ Bloomfield

Mid-State Tournament @ Wayne

Monday, October 6

District Girls Golf
B-3 @ York Country Club: O'Neill, Adams Central, Aurora, Hastings, Holdrege, Northwest, Seward, York
C-3 @ FairPlay Golf Course, Battle Creek: West Holt, Elkhorn Valley, Plainview, Ainsworth, Battle Creek, Crofton, Hartington Cedar Catholic, Laurel-Concord-Coleridge, Norfolk Catholic, Pender, Pierce, Stanton, Wayne

O'Neill @ St. Paul JV/V

Tuesday, October 7

Cross Country
Ord @ LouPlatte Conference Meet (Adams Central)

Thursday, October 9

Cross Country
Niobrara Valley Conference Meet
Ainsworth @ Southwest Conference Meet (Ogallala)
McCool Junction Invite: Burwell

B-4 District Softball @ Wisner-Pilger (Wisner River Park)
O'Neill, Blair, DC West/Concordia, David City/East Butler, Madison/Humphrey/Lindsay, Schuyler, Wisner-Pilger

Friday, October 10

West Holt @ Battle Creek
Hartington @ Bloomfield
Howells-Dodge @ Creighton
Ainsworth @ Crofton
Burwell @ Central Valley (Wolbach)
Elkhorn Valley @ Hampton
Lutheran High NE @ Hartington CC
Boone Central/NG @ Madison
Boyd County @ Neligh-Oakdale
EPPJ @ Niobrara/Verdigre (Verdigre)
Wayne @ Norfolk Catholic
Clearwater/Orchard @ North Central (Bassett)
O’Neill @ Ord
Stuart @ Osmond
West Point-Beemer @ Pierce
St. Edward @ Santee
Walthill @ Riverside (Spalding)
CWC @ St. Mary’s
Amherst @ Twin Loup (Sargent)
Plainview @ Wakefield
Randolph @ Wausa

Cross Country
Mid-State Conference Meet @ Albion
Bloomfield Invite (doubles as Lewis & Clark Conference Meet): L&C teams, Niobrara/Verdigre, Boyd County, Stuart, CWC, Neligh-Oakdale, Elkhorn Valley, North Central

B-4 District Softball @ Wisner-Pilger (Wisner River Park)
O'Neill, Blair, DC West/Concordia, David City/East Butler, Madison/Humphrey/Lindsay, Schuyler, Wisner-Pilger

Saturday, October 11

Deshler @ Spalding Academy

Monday, October 13

State Girls Golf
Class A @ Norfolk Country Club
Class B @ Pioneers Golf Course, Lincoln
Class C @ Quail Run Golf Course, Columbus

Tuesday, October 14

State Girls Golf
Class A @ Norfolk Country Club
Class B @ Pioneers Golf Course, Lincoln
Class C @ Quail Run Golf Course, Columbus

Wednesday, October 15

State Softball Tournament @ Bill Smith Complex, Hastings

Thursday, October 16

Cross Country
C-2 District @ Location to be named
O'Neill, Boone Central/Newman Grove, Hartington, Pierce, Wayne, Madison, Arlington, Columbus Lakeview, Columbus Scotus, Fort Calhoun, West Point-Beemer

State Softball Tournament @ Bill Smith Complex, Hastings

Friday, October 17

Battle Creek @ Ainsworth
Ord @ Broken Bow
Twin Loup @ Burwell
Osmond @ CWC (Chambers)
Niobrara/Verdigre @ Clearwater/Orchard
Hartington CC @ Crofton
Neligh-Oakdale @ EPPJ
Humphrey St. Francis @ Elkhorn Valley
Plainview @ Hartington
Boyd County @ North Central (Keya Paha)
Gothenburg @ O’Neill
Bloomfield @ Omaha Nation
Norfolk Catholic @ Pierce
Central Valley @ South Loup
Spalding Academy @ Riverside (Cedar Rapids)
Randolph @ Stuart
Creighton @ Wakefield
Santee @ Walthill
St. Mary’s @ Wausa
Boone Central/NG @ Wayne
Lutheran High NE @ West Holt

State Softball Tournament @ Bill Smith Complex, Hastings

Thursday, October 23

Burwell @ Amherst
Norfolk Catholic @ Boone Central/NG
EPPJ @ Boyd County (Butte)
Wausa @ CWC (Bartlett)
Neligh-Oakdale @ Clearwater/Orchard
O’Neill @ Cozad
Hartington @ Creighton
Osceola @ Elkhorn Valley
Ainsworth @ Hartington CC
Bloomfield @ Plainview
Riverside @ Santee

Friday, October 24

Ansley-Litchfield @ Central Valley (Wolbach)
Battle Creek @ Lutheran High NE
Pierce @ Madison
North Central @ Niobrara/Verdigre (Niobrara)
Gothenburg @ Ord
Osmond @ Randolph
Spalding Academy @ St. Edward
Stuart @ St. Mary’s
South Loup @ Twin Loup (Sargent)
West Point-Beemer @ Wayne
Crofton @ West Holt

Cross Country
State Championships @ Kearney Country Club

Thursday, October 30

Football Playoffs
Classes D1/D2 First Round Playoffs

Friday, October 31

Football Playoffs
Classes A/B/C2/C2 First Round Playoffs

Wednesday, November 5

Football Playoffs
Classes D1/D2 Second Round Playoffs

Friday, November 7

Football Playoffs
Classes A/B/C1/C2 Quarterfinals

Tuesday, November 11

Football Playoffs
Classes D1/D2 Quarterfinals

Friday, November 14

Football Playoffs
Classes A/B/C1/C2 Semifinals

Monday, November 17

Football Playoffs
Classes D1/D2 Semifinals

Monday, November 24

Football Playoffs
State Championships @ Memorial Stadium, Lincoln
Class D2 - 10:15 AM
Class D1 - 2:45 PM
Class A - 7:15 PM

Tuesday, November 25

Football Playoffs
State Championships @ Memorial Stadium, Lincoln
Class C2 - 10:15 AM
Class C1 - 2:45 PM
Class B - 7:15 PM

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