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North Central Problem Solving Courts Holds Graduation Ceremony

(left to right) Chief Justice Michael G Heavican, Tara Price, Ross Tomjack, Judge Francie Riedmann Tommy Newcombe, Tera Newcombe, Judge Karin Noakes, Judge Tami Schendt, Judge James Orr, Judge Alan Brodbeck, Doug Stanton
The North Central Problem Solving Court met Wednesday afternoon at the Holt County Courthouse in the District Court Room for a graduation celebration for Tera Newcombe.

In attendance for the ceremony was Chief Justice Michael G. Heavican, Judge of the Court of Appeals Francie Riedmann, Judge Alan L. Brodbeck, Judge Karin Noakes and Judge Tami Schendt. The courtroom hosted a capacity crowd for this event.

Judge Francie Riedmann spoke and told those that have graduated from Problem Solving Court that they are an inspiration to all of us.  The hard work, effort and changes that they make show those that are in the program that it can be done. She stated that “no change can be made without a challenge” and she commended them for taking a giant step toward a better life. Judge Riedmann ended with this quote, “Failure is not when we fall down, it’s when we refuse to get up.”

Chief Justice Heavican then commended the new graduate and all of those that have went through Problem Solving Court.  He presented the new graduate with a medallion to symbolize her hard work and new beginning.

Judge Alan Brodbeck then spoke and emphasized the importance of the this program and that it gives those involved something you rarely get and that is a second chance.  Brodbeck told the graduate to use this second chance and to “always have a plan, have something to look forward to.”

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