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Fire Departments Battle Fires & High Winds

According to word from Dan Maloun, Stuart Fire Chief, yesterday was a bad day for a fre with the high winds we had.  Firemen were called out to two fires on Thursday, January 16. The first fire was a controlled burn that had re-ignited.  The first was 2 miles east and 3 miles north of Stuart.  They were called to this fire around 12:35 pm and were on the scene until aobut 3:40 pm.  The fire burned corn stalks and cedar trees.  Stuart was assisted on the first by the Atkinson Fire Department.  
Shortly after this the Stuart Fire Department was called to the Stuart Land Fill, where winds had ignited another fire.  They spent about an hour there before it was extinguished.

And accordting to work from Roger Angus, Spencer Fire Chief, at 12:30 pm the Spencer Fire Department was called to a ditch fire where a tree had fallen over a power lined and caused the fire.  This was near the top of Eagle Creek along Highway 281.  The fire was contained in the road ditch.  Assistance was asked from the O'Neill Fire Department but soon after they requested assistance the fire was contained and the O'Neill crew was able to come back.  Firemen were on the scene there for about an hour.

01/17/2014 11:12AM
Fire Departments Battle Fires & High Winds
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