Department of Agriculture Response to Citizens Receiving Unsolicited Packages of Seeds

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture has received several reports of citizens receiving unsolicited packages of seed in the mail in recent days. Our team has, and will continue to, work with USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) on any reports received in Nebraska.

If you received one of these packages – do not open the sealed seed packages and do not plant the seeds. Please keep the sealed seed packets and mailing packaging (including the mailing label) together in a sealed bag and contact the local USDA APHIS office for further instruction.

If you received one of these packages, we request that you notify the local USDA APHIS office directly by calling 402-434-2346. Please be prepared to share with them your phone number and contact information. Further guidance on handling of the packages will be provided to those that call.

Story Courtesy of Nebraska Department of Agriculture and Photo Courtesy of Washington Department of Agriculture.