Chimney Fire Causes $60,000 In Damage

The O’Neill Fire Department was called to a chimney fire at 523 E. Douglas around 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon. On arrival the chimney of the structure was found to be on fire. On further investigation by the department the attic had become involved in the blaze. Firemen quickly extinguished the exterior of the chimney and then went to work on the attic. Most of the rafters and truss system in the attic were burned and the blown in insulation was smoldering. To prevent further damage to the structure local contractor Don Dugan was called in to remove the smoldering insulation out of the attic.

The Department was on scene until 9:30 p.m.. The house is owned by Luke and Michelle Bulau and was rented to a second party. Damage to the house is conservatively estimated to be around $60,000.